How to Improve Your Wix Site in 8 Ways

Website designing is one of the most crucial structures that is required for SEO. How you manage your page titles, how those pages are spread out, etc are on the whole necessary to how well your site is set up to derive traffic.

Everyone tries to create a page or a site that fulfils all the perks with strong search optimization but fails at some point.

Wix is an online site that empowers you to highlight your work and acts as an alternative to WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Here are the ten tips or ways you can improve your Wix site to engage more audience:

  1. Use an image editor to enhance images

Wix has an in-built image editor that enables you to edit images directly from the website without having to install any third-party applications for this purpose. It has tools and features that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

  1. Personalized page titles

Every page a visitor visits must have a unique title that defines the main objective of the page he/she is visiting. This not only will give a glance about the information added to that particular page, but also help in Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Customize the Google titles of your page

All the pages on your website hold different information or data thus, it’s imperative to assign meta titles and depictions for the significant pages on your site to enable expected customers to locate the specific data that they’re searching for.

  1. Select a decent Template for your Website

Wix doesn’t allow you to change the template designs once you’ve selected it in the beginning. So, it is advised to invest energy thinking about the correct structure or template for your website – considering the shading, format, look, etc.

  1. Use Plugins and Widgets

A variety of third-party Plugins and Widgets are available with the Wix, that can be used to make your website look a little extra organized.

  1. Keep links consistent

It would be best if you opted a way to highlight the links mentioned on your website and keep them consistent. Consistency will help the visitors get familiar with your idea and it’ll become easy for them to figure out the links throughout the website tour.

  1. Use the Wix App Market

A plenty of SEO applications are available in the Wix App Market that can help in improving the SEO for your website.

  1. Stay mobile-friendly

People prefer the mobile version of every website rather than the Desktop version. Wix offers you the mobile optimization tool for mobile viewing of your website.

Source : Wix Site

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