Which Is the Best Among Ring Video Doorbell 2 & August Doorbell Cam Pro?

Smart devices are becoming extremely popular across the globe. People are now improving their home security with smart doorbell cameras. Ring Video Doorbell 2 and August Doorbell Cam Pro are amongst the most popular smart doorbells. Let’s check out their comparison in detail.

August Doorbell Camera Pro

August is known for making the excellent smart locks, and they are experts in making them. August Doorbell Cam Pro 2is packed with several features like full HD camera color night recording, in-built flood light and many more. Even it supports voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. You can buy it from Amazon at $175. 

What is Good?

  • In-built floodlight
  • Nighttime color recording
  • Video storage for 24 hours without any extra cost
  • Efficiently works with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

What’s Not Good?

  • Battery issue
  • The odd shape may interrupt during installation
  • For additional storage, you need to pay more.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

It is one of most popular video door doorbells. It is integrated with some Amazon devices and gives a top-notch performance. Even with the best products, the company is having trust issues because of some privacy scandals. You can get this product from Amazon at $200. 

What is Good?

  • Works well with Amazon devices and Alexa
  • Battery-powered
  • Allow you to change faceplates easily
  • An infrared camera that will improve the night vision

What’s Not Good?

  • Doesn’t supports Google Assistant
  • Subscription required to record
  • Recent privacy issues lost the faith of consumers

These two smart doorbells are different from each other. Their built structures are different as the Ring Video Doorbell 2 has the traditional long structure, and the August Doorbell Cam Pro 2 is a square shaped doorbell. The design of the August doorbell is unique, and its design is the USP of its product. But a perfect doorbell offers just more than the looks. 


If you compare the specialization of both the products, you might see that August Doorbell Pro 2 is more advanced than the Ring Door video doorbell 2. Several sites can help you to compare their specs and features. 

More About August

August Doorbell Cam Pro 2 offers lower video resolution than the other product. It produces video of 720-pixels which gets compensated with in-built floodlight and ability to capture video in the night. At-least you will get the recording of the last 24 hour without spending any single penny. 

If you need more storage, then you can get it by paying $3 and $4 per month. There are several smart home products manufactured by August, and if you have any smart home product, then you need to know that Doorbell Cam Pro 3 works nicely with those smart products. You will not face any issue while working on voice assistance features like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. If you love to use Google nest devices, then this doorbell is for you as you can change the smart assistance of the door anytime.

Most of the buyers are attracted towards the design of this product, but you must know about the excellent features of this doorbell, which will work exceptionally well. There is an issue due to this design. Due to its square shape, you might not be able to fit it where you want. In that case, you might require some technician to install it properly. Even if it is also hardwired, that means you need someone to install it near your door. 

A Ring On The Door

The ring has received lots of negative reviews in the past because of some privacy and data scandal. Unfortunately, this scandal has done huge damage to its goodwill. Even when they are producing a genuine home security product, they are not able to regain their old customers. 

If you talk about the hardware part of the Ring’s doorbell, then you will see that it offers a full 1080-pixel camera that has the infrared camera to give a better viewing experience in low-light. 

If you want storage, then you might need a ring subscription, and the Ring protection subscription is extremely affordable. If you have a subscription, then you will have some more extended storage options that you came across. 

The ring is like Amazon’s branch company; that’s why it works fluently with Amazon’s devices like Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers. But you will not find Google voice assistance in this doorbell. As per the reports, Amazon dropped Google’s official Voice Assistant support due to increasing competition between these two products. If you are not okay with this decision, then you can avoid this product and go for the first one. 

Finally, Ring has made something that brings the company back in the market even after the recent privacy scandal. All know that home security is a personal issue, and no one likes to compromise it. So, if you have any doubt on the ability of the Ring to protect your home, then it is recommended to go for the other options. There are thousands of options in the market that you can buy right now.

Where to Lean

Both the products offer excellent and smart security to your home at a legitimate price. The final decision is your, which product you need to buy. There are some points on which you can make a decision like supporting Voice Assistant (Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa). If you want a brand assurance and don’t want any product from the company that has the history of some privacy issue, then it is better to find better alternatives.

Source : Doorbell Cam Pro

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